You are currently viewing Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report – 7/20/20

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report – 7/20/20

Welcome back fisherman!

It’s been a great week of catching out of Lorain, Ohio. The walleye are starting to move offshore more now that the water is warming so fast. 5-9 miles offshore, north – northwest of the harbor in 52 ft. plus of water has been the hotspot.

The program has been the same. Dipsey’s with scorpion spoons at 100-120 on a 3 setting, 80 -100 on a 2 setting, 60-80 on a 1 setting, 45-60 on a 0 setting. Bandits and the new Spro Mad Minnow 100-120 back. Speed 2.3-2.7.

Get out and enjoy these summer months of great catching. It’s been a fantastic year!

Good luck,
Captain Gary Zart